Why you shouldn’t forget about indoor winter maintenance

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but winter home maintenance should be a thing, too!

It’s just as important as home maintenance, home repair, and improvement at any other time of the year, and sometimes more important.

Winter is the perfect time to focus on indoor home maintenance. Here’s why, and here’s how EncompassOne can help you.

Exterior Maintenance Is Unpleasant in the Cold


Winter is the perfect time for indoor home maintenance tasks because outdoor ones leave you chilled to the bone. Save the outdoor ones for warmer temperatures and when there isn’t any snow on the ground.

Performing exterior maintenance in the spring, summer, and fall mean you can stay cozy at home in the winter, and potentially not face any issues like roof leaks when it’s dangerous to climb up there.


You Turn Your Heat On During the Winter Season

There are plenty of maintenance tasks related to your HVAC system that you should perform before you turn on your heat.

This includes checking your heater or furnace for any issues, replacing your air filter in your forced-air system, and cleaning your air return and supply grilles. Doing these tasks ensures that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you turn your heat on, and it will help keep your home’s air cleaner.

Your House is Closed Up All Winter


With your windows shut tight all winter long, all the areas of your home that move air in and out should be a primary focus for maintenance.

Cleaning your ceiling fan blades reduces dust in the air, as you reverse your fan to push warm air downward. Your bathroom vent fan should also be cleaned at this time since it’s expelling moisture caused by your steamy winter shower.

And if you have a gas fireplace insert, you definitely want it cleaned and inspected before you flip the switch to add warmth and ambiance to your home.


You’ve Spent Warmer Months Performing Outdoor Home Maintenance


In the spring, summer, and fall, as a homeowner, you spend much of your time outside, keeping your yard tidy, painting your house, or updating your landscaping. As a result, your indoor home maintenance might have fallen by the wayside.

To ensure you’re maintaining your home and land well, you’ll want to spend just as much energy on the inside of your home as you do the outside. Winter is the perfect time for it.